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What is it?

Do you lack the motivation to exercise and have a dog or like being around dogs?

Are you looking for a new activity to do with your dog?

Poil et Haltères offers a unique, motivating and fun group training program that allows you and your dog to benefit from the many advantages of moving in nature.
The work outs are one hour long and allow you to improve your endurance, strength and muscle tone, as well as improve your cardiovascular capacity. Pssst ! The same goes for your dog 😉 Your dog will follow you in your cardiovascular activities and will practice his basic obedience (and a few other tricks) during your strength training exercises! You will use your body weight as resistance and sometimes accessories! Poils et Haltères adapts its sessions to all fitness levels, from low impact to high intensity. Nancy creates sessions based on the participants registered for the session.

Improve your overall fitness and well-being for you, and your dog. Get fit, save time, have fun!!

Nancy Bonnieul

Nancy has worked in the veterinary field for more than 10 years, has followed several training courses and participated in various conferences on canine behavior. She has taught dog obedience classes in a veterinary clinic and is even certified as a weight loss coach for cats and dogs!

Nancy was not always passionate about physical training, but about animals YES ;)

She started training to be physically stronger, in order to facilitate her tasks as a veterinary technician. In addition, she was forced to start jogging to help her first dog, adopted as an adult, who was suffering from severe anxiety. We can therefore say that her road to fitness, and the development of this new passion, is thanks to dogs!

She combines her two passions to offer you a motivating and fun physical training service; Poils et Haltères



Certified veterinary technician (2007)

Health and Fitness Promotion Program graduate (2016)

Certifed level 1 DTS Fitness Education (2018)

Certified DTS Fitness Education hypertrophy coach (2018)

Certifed DTS Fitness Education Lean Body coach (2019)

IDFA 106 Fitness Competition: 'Novice Fitness Model' 1st place

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